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Are Sportsmen and Women Always The Healthiest?

Are Sportsmen and Women Always The Healthiest?



Almost everyone in Canada knows that the sportsmen and women regardless of whether they are athletes, baseball players, or footballer do a lot of training to better their performance. A larger percentage of their training involves physical exercises raising the question on whether they are the healthy ones among us. However, looking at the balance that these men and women have to strike between their diet and training, we can always emulate them to ensure that we remain healthy and fit. For instance, good nutrition has been shown to enhance the sporting performance of the sportsmen. Taking the example of an athlete, a nutritious as well as a well-planned diet that meet the mineral and vitamin needs along with giving sufficient protein to promote muscle growth and repair is very essential. The athlete requires foods that are rich in unrefined carbohydrates such as cereals and wholegrain forming the basis of his/her diet. In addition to the balanced diet, the athletes also require water known to be a great selection of fluid to assist in preventing dehydration and in turn enhancing performance.

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