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Does Your Child Have a Bad Back?

Does Your Child Have a Bad Back?

          Carrying a backpack that's overly packed can cause strain on your child's spine.

Carrying a backpack that’s overly packed can cause strain on your child’s spine.

Natural healing techniques, including chiropractic care isn’t just for adults, children can greatly benefit from natural health care just like their parents! Some people have never even thought to bring their children or even newborn babies to a chiropractor for an adjustment. Why bring the child in to see a chiropractor? How could chiropractic benefit the child and what would be the main reason for a child or newborn to receive chiropractic treatments?

There are plenty of reasons, including:

– Colic: Babies are unable to tell us what’s wrong, so their main way of communicating is to cry. Excessive crying can be a sign of colic. Chiropractic care can provide excellent relief for babies suffering with colic – Mom and Dad will also be relieved!

– Birth Trauma: Natural childbirth methods can take a toll on a new baby’s spine, even more so if they were born by caesarean section.

Effective, yet gentle care

Most children enjoy getting their adjustment. They rarely have the scar tissue build up that adults with long-lasting problems have. Infants and children respond quickly with a much lighter touch than an adult would receive.

Could your child benefit from the safe and natural chiropractic treatments we can provide? To avoid issues later, it’s best to resolve any problems early on.

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