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Exercise Or Diet? Which is Best For Losing Weight?

Exercise Or Diet? Which is Best For Losing Weight?

The reasons why overweight or obese Canadians need to lose weight are apparent to most people and go beyond the fascination to fit into some skinny jeans kept in the closet. A larger part of the population already understands that being obese or overweight is linked to a number of health risks including a number of chronic conditions such as diabetes among others. The health risks are so high to the extent that for every five point increase in one’s body mass index, the mortality from diabetes rushes forward by 116% , the mortality from renal disease surges by 60% while mortality from the vascular disease surges by 30%. It is important to points out that losing weight is never the only way to getting rid of the chronic illnesses. Undertaking a number of exercises has been indicated to boost the health as well as longevity of an individual. Therefore, based on the significance of losing weight, researchers sough to find out whether eating less, excursing more or both offered double the health benefits.

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The new medical study reported that the three approaches to losing weight yielded almost similar results. The study showed that there was a similar decrease in the level of fat as well as wait circumference for all the individuals grouped under the three categories. The findings also indicated that regardless of the way the groups lost weight, all of them experienced a similar level of decreased risk for suffering from cardiovascular disease. According to the new study, weight loss was responsible for providing the main cardio-protective consequence of calorie constraint and exercise and the benefits do not rely on any approach that one employs to lose weight. Nonetheless, it is important to indicate that undertaking exercises has extra benefits given that the group that used this approach never lost valuable muscle as opposed to the ones that used diet and both diet and exercise. Therefore, the best approach to lose weight is any that one thinks he/she can be most successful in undertaking.  diet 4

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