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Healing You with the Lightest Touch

The techniques I use at Cummings Chiropractic Family Wellness are the most gentle and safe methods available that give you the effective healing you seek, whether you visit us for pain relief or for regular wellness care.

South Calgary Chiropractor, Dr. Grant Cummings adjusting a patient.

Dr. Cummings makes sure your comfort always comes first.

You can rest assured that chiropractic is vastly researched and shown to be both safe and effective for a variety of conditions. In fact, the last study done, which was concluded about five years ago now, addressed the concern many people had about the safety of neck adjustments and their relation to stroke.

The result? There is no greater risk of injury to your body with chiropractic care than there is associated with seeking out any other type of medical care.

Your Comfort Comes First

So, you might wonder, if this care is so gentle, how can it even work? Well, I like to explain it to my patients like this: your spinal column has control over your nervous system. You can actually think of your spine like a control system for your entire body. When something is out of alignment in your spine, it’s putting pressure somewhere else on your body, causing your symptoms of pain.

Through the soft touch I use, the misalignment is put back into its proper place, taking the pressure off your spinal column and relieving your pain.

Sounds simple, right? It really is! It will amaze you all your body is capable of doing when your spine operates at its full function. Call us to learn more!

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