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Healthy Living for Success

Enjoy life!!

How?  By living it to the full.

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We can do this by being active, allowing all aspects of our bodies to function optimally especially our spine, nervous system, and our joints.   Perhaps you enjoy taking a walk  around Glenmore Park in South Calgary.  Or maybe it’s digging in the garden, or heading to the beautiful mountains to the west of Calgary.

Whatever it is that makes you “feel alive”, make sure you position your body for success and good health.

Warm up

Sometimes we are just so excited to get out there and do something that we just jump in without warming up.  The problem with this is that it could put added strain on our muscles or perhaps we could injure a ligament thus curtailing our activity.

Simply put, just start slowly to warm up.  Whatever activity you are planning start at a slow pace.  If it’s walking on your favorite Calgary pathway, gradually build up your speed, allowing your muscles and joints to receive needed oxygen and nutrients.  You will then be better prepared for physical activity and you will likely notice improved performance.

Proper posture and movement.

What if your favorite activity is gardening?  How can you position yourself for success?  Remember when lifting heavy objects, use your legs.  Keep your back in an upright position while lifting and your spine will thank you.  This will help keep the discs in your spine active and healthy.

If you are kneeling for a long period of time, remember to take breaks.  Get up, move around to keep circulation to your leg muscles and knee joints.

And as always visit our South Calgary Chiropractic office to get regular chiropractic care.  Together with warming up, and making sure your posture is correct, you can be sure to enjoy all your favorite activities while avoiding injury, and enjoying a truly healthy lifestyle.

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