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Insomnia: How To Get a Good Night's Sleep

Insomnia and What You Can Do About It

Can't make it through the day because of your night?

Can’t make it through the day because of your night?

Everybody knows that getting a good night’s rest is such an important part of maintaining good health. We also know that missing out on sleep can negatively affect how we function, our energy and our moods.

Are you having problems falling or staying asleep? Let’s do something about it! There are many things that can be done naturally prior to relying on a sleep aid. Try a natural solution before reaching for a pill.

About 10% of us experience regular sleep difficulties. Unfortunately, the number of people that have resorted to prescription drugs to treat insomnia has increased but the true causes for insomnia are left unaddressed.

What Exactly is Insomnia?

Here are a few indicators that you may be dealing with insomnia:

  • Difficulty falling asleep in the evening
  • Frequently waking up throughout the night
  • Waking up too early in the morning and not being able to get back to sleep
  • Waking up feeling tired instead of refreshed

Fatigue or drowsiness throughout the day, problems concentrating, irritability and low energy; even weight gain are all problems that are associated with not getting a good night’s sleep. A lack of sleep will take physical tolls on your body, such as poor posture and dark “bags” under your eyes. We know just how much you want to avoid that… so keep reading.

Some Causes of Sleeplessness:

Emotions running wild. For some people, lack of sleep can be a sign of unhappiness, grief, depression or other emotional concerns. For others, worries, anxiety, or an ongoing to-do list going through their minds can get in the way of getting to sleep.

Exposure to light. Our bodies have a biological clock, which regulates our sleep and wake cycles and it is strongly affected by light. Melatonin is an important hormone that affects both the desire to sleep and the quality of our sleep. The production of melatonin enhances with darkness, while light inhibits it. This means that those who don’t get enough exposure to direct sunlight, can suffer from similar types of insomnia.

Food and drink. Falling asleep and staying asleep can become challenging when a person consumes an excessive amount of food, alcohol or caffeine before going to bed. Avoiding the use of alcohol, food, caffeine and even smoking, could help you sleep better.

Being inactive. Regular exercise will tire you out, and can help you to fall asleep faster! If you’re struggling to fit exercise into your schedule, try going for a family walk with the dog after dinner to get a little exercise and some fresh air.

Get a full night's rest after your chiropractic adjustment and enjoy feeling refreshed in morning.

Get a full night’s rest after your chiropractic adjustment and enjoy feeling refreshed in morning.

What Can You Do to Get Some Rest?

Chiropractic care for proper function and sweet dreams. In our practice, many of our patients have reported that they’ve noticed an improvement in sleep patterns after beginning regular chiropractic care. Why? Chiropractic treatments help to remove interferences in the nervous system, which often helps with the natural processes of the body, including sleep. You could be one of the many clients who are now getting a full night’s rest and enjoy feeling refreshed in the morning after visiting our office.

  1. By making little changes in your day, you can be making a huge difference at night. Try reading, listening to music, writing in a journal or taking a warm bath before bed. Try to avoid upsetting discussions, stressful work, etc. before bedtime so you can relax. Dim the lights throughout the house and shut off technology to let your mind know that it’s bed time.

The Last Resort. Sleep problems are not created from a sleeping pill shortage! While convenient (and potentially addictive), drugs mask the real problem. And while they may help you sleep, the quality of your sleep from a sleeping pill is hardly the refreshing rejuvenation that you need! But you already knew that.

If you want to see what’s possible when you have a better working nervous system, utilize today’s chiropractic care and tweaking your routines. You can get better, more refreshing sleep to start each day a little brighter!

We can help ensure you stay on track and get the rest you need to wake up on the right side of the bed! Give us a call!

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