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Keep Running, Walking, Biking...Provided You Exercise, You Need It!

Keep Running, Walking, Biking…Provided You Exercise, You Need It!


Most people prefer a non-active life imagining that they would stay fit and away from diseases. However, this is a wrong notion since regular physical activity has been indicated to be the most important thing in one’s life and a solution to keeping away many diseases. When you exercise frequently, you build your muscle strength and protect your spine. The benefits of exercises go beyond preventing certain diseases given that it improves health in several ways. It has been shown that the people who exercise frequently have reduced rates of heart disease, depression, cancer, diabetes, dementia, and several other chronic illnesses. While a number of people limit their options to what constitutes exercises, an understanding of the meaning of exercises can assist many people get involved. An exercise is regarded as any form of movement that makes one’s body to burn calories. These may include gardening, walking, cleaning, riding of a bicycle, and running among others. The foundation behind the significance of exercises is that in the course of a physical activity the active muscles consume the glucose in the body as a source of energy. This prevents glucose from accumulating in the blood. The advanced technology evident in the lives of most people in Canada has negated the many regular types of physical activity that formed part of their lives. Most people own cars and prefer them to biking or walking. The escalators in the shopping malls and elevators have replaced stairs and computers quickly taking up the place of manual labor. A Canadian dreaming to live a healthy life needs to include exercises in his or her daily or weekly routine.

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