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Emergency After Hours and Weekend Services* 

*Subject to Availability of a chiropractor

Please refer to our fee schedule below for after hours rates prior to requesting an after hours appointment.

Text (calls are not answered) our after hours care coordinator at 403.837.7792 Cummings Chiropractic Family Wellness Offers Emergency Chiropractic

Send TEXT (text service only, no calls) to (403) 837-7792. This number is only available after hours and is only for emergency and urgent care requests. During regular hours please call (403) 243-8118 to book an office visit with reception.

Adjusting tableGiven that these visits fall outside our regular office hours emergency and after hours care is subject to availability of a chiropractor but we will do our best to arrange one of our practitioners to help you.  We are often asked to treat people who already have a chiropractor on an emergency basis but we do not provide urgent care for patients who are unable to follow up with our office if needed. If you already have a chiropractor we encourage you to seek care from them since it is not ideal to initiate care without being able to properly follow-up and monitor your condition if needed. However, if you are seeking a chiropractor or are already a patient of our office we are here to help. We truly appreciate and respect the trust patients place in our office. As part of our commitment to providing excellent service and demonstrating the appreciation we have for our patients we offer after hours emergency in-office chiropractic treatment. If you are a current patient of ours and need a chiropractor who is available after hours (mornings, afternoons and evenings) and on most weekends (Saturday, Sunday – restrictions apply) including statutory holidays then text message one of our doctors at 403.837.7792.

After Hours Urgent Chiropractic Care in Calgary

If you are an existing patient of our clinic and need emergency chiropractic care on Saturday, Sunday or after hours text message our after hours care coordinator at 403.837.7792. Please refer to our fee schedule below prior to contacting our office for after hours care. Our after hours service benefits the many people who require treatment after hours when our chiropractic clinic is closed. More patients are calling up after hours due to acute injury than ever before. Injuries don’t always happen during office hours and our after hours chiropractic is perfect for those situations when you over-exert yourself on the weekend and can’t wait until Monday to start getting better. Our weekend availability can help you. Weekends are when we all try to get all the chores done such as yard work, gardening, moving furniture etc. It’s also the weekend when we go out and play that sport we’ve missed all week. When the weekend warrior comes out so do the signs of our age and all the old injuries come back to haunt us. Remember to send us a text at 403.837.7792 if you need emergency chiropractic treatment. We can give you the proper care and guide you towards preventing injuries to begin with.

Our clinic serves Calgary with emergency, after hours chiropractic care. Our chiropractic service is available seven days a week. Call us for emergency chiropractic treatment including low back pain, neck pain, sports injuries and headaches.

Emergency Chiropractic Service

Our south Calgary clinic is conveniently located in Kingsland Plaza on Elbow Dr. between Glenmore Tr. and Heritage Dr.

Fees for After Hours and Emergency Chiropractic Visits

  • Emergency visit for a current patient – $130
  • Emergency visit for a new patient – $270 (includes two additional treatments within 1 wk of initial visit*)

* While we strive to deliver same day treatment for new patients it is not always safe to do so without additional testing.  If additional testing is needed our practitioners will explain that need to you on your first visit. Text 403.837.7792. CONTACT US »

Emergency After Hours Chiropractor | (403) 243-8118