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Osteopath in South Calgary

Meet Kurt Witmer M.OMSc, C.H.N

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Kurt was born and raised in Calgary and has always been active. He took an interest in weight training, eventually starting his career in the health industry as a personal trainer. By spending time educating and creating sustainable goals, he helped folks lose fat, build muscle, and lead healthier lives.

Always trying to better himself and improve his craft, Kurt decided to improve his understanding of nutrition and attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition shortly followed by obtaining the Precision Nutrition level 1 designation, one of the world’s top nutrition coaching programs. After graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition he became a teacher of the school, specifically their sports nutrition and fat loss courses.

Kurt eventually moved up into a strength coach position, working at Revolution Human Performance, one of Calgary’s top gyms. Members ranged from CFL, Canada Rugby and Bobsled alongside people just looking to slim down and get a little healthier. His focus started to expand to post rehab work, helping people move from Physical Therapy and Chiropractic to getting stronger and healthier. After working with and learning from a wide variety of clinicians, he decided to expand his scope of practice even further. Clinicians started directing him to a profession that he had never heard about, but as he started to learn more found that it was right in line with his beliefs – Osteopathy.

Osteopathy is relatively new in Canada but is very popular in the UK and originated in the States back in 1874 by A.T. Still with the first school being opened in 1892. Osteopathy has a comprehensive look with the body, not only working with the bones, joints, muscles and nerves, but also the arteries, veins, lymphatics and viscera. This allows the osteopath to have many options when addressing a problem. Osteopaths tend to use more gentle techniques and don’t use HVLA (the neck or back cracking) that chiropractic utilizes.

Chronic Pain Management

The latest reports in Canada show that 1 in 5 people live with chronic pain, a cost to healthcare that outpaces cancer. The problem with chronic pain is that it is multifactorial and uses the biopsychosocial model, and a comprehensive toolset is needed. This is what attracted Kurt to spending more time researching and focusing on pain science.

Research has given us a couple strategies; first, getting educated on your pain does positively affect your pain. Things like stress and anxiety will affect pain levels and Kurt will take the time to help you understand what is causing your pain and to figure a plan to help manage it.

Pain can be debilitating, forcing people out of work and preventing them from doing the activities that they enjoy. Being inactive causes a loss of strength and muscle mass, along with an increase in weight. This can cause a downward spiral, making it harder and harder to get back to being active. With Kurt having over a decade of experience with a wide variety of people, he can create an individualized approach to help get you back being active and healthy again, working with and managing pain.

Lifestyle Management

Not everyone has to deal with pain. Others are working on maintaining the health they have. Much like investing in a retirement fund, investing in your health will give you huge returns on the small amount of time you invest. Keeping a healthy amount of muscle mass has been shown to increase your quality of life and living longer. Keeping your bodyfat down to a healthy level is also very important, and research has shown that having an unhealthy amount of body fat carries and even greater risk of cancer then smoking in women.

Lifting weights has been shown to increase bone density and joint health, improving mental health, strengthening the heart, improving balance and flexibility. Currently, falls are the number one injury in the elderly, and often lead to extensive surgeries that can reduce mobility even more. By maintaining a simple exercise program you can greatly improve your function as you age, allowing you to keep doing the things you enjoy and maintaining independence.

Likewise, having a healthy diet reduces the risk of many diseases, and reduces inflammation that can factor into pain. The problem with diet info is the sheer amount of it. Many points conflict with one another, and can be daunting to start. Having been a nutrition teacher and over a decade of experience, Kurt can help make sense of what the research says and create a diet that is not restrictive and works with your lifestyle.

Many practitioners are specialists in their field but few have the education and experience spanning 3 different disciplines. Book an appointment with Kurt and start working toward a healthy lifestyle.

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