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Posture and Your Mood

computer postureIs There a Connection Between Posture and Moods?

In Calgary many of us work long hours, either sitting in front of a computer screen, or standing on our feet.  Seldom do we take a break or even consider our posture while we are concentrating on the work at hand.  However, if you have never considered whether or not your posture may be affecting your health, you may want to start thinking about that sooner, rather than later.

Why?  What does the way I sit or stand have to do with how I feel?

Consider the following:

When we lean forward 60 degrees, perhaps while slumped in our office chair, the stress placed on our neck increases considerably.  Have you ever felt a little numbness, pain or difficulty breathing after a long stretch at the computer?  Does that make you feel happy?

What does our body language say about how we are feeling?  When you see someone who is slumped over you may think they are afraid, sad or perhaps ill.  Perhaps we are even treated differently because of it. How does that make you feel?

A study done in 2015 indicated that when facing high-stress situations, people with good posture maintained a higher self-esteem and mood.  Those with poor posture described their experience with a more negative view.

Yes posture can affect our mood!

We Can Help

At our south Calgary Chiropractic clinic, we can assess your posture, and help you to improve it through chiropractic care, exercise, and stretches to help you be the happiest person you can be.

Why not give us a call today? (403) 243-8118


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