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Should You Remove Sugar From Your Diet?

According to recent studies, many of us eat the equivalent of 53 heaping teaspoons of white refined sugar every day. These sugars can be found in a wide variety of processed foods these days. A typical soft drink contains the equivalent of 9 heaping teaspoons of sugar!

For better health, consider eliminating all refined sugar from your diet.

For better health, consider eliminating all refined sugar from your diet.

Here are ten reasons to avoid refined (white) sugar in your diet:

  1. Sugar can increase the likelihood of chronic fatigue.
  2. Consuming sugar makes the pancreas work harder to produce insulin. Diabetes can occur when an overworked pancreas can no longer eliminate sugar from the blood stream.
  3. When a person ingests a soft drink containing sugar, calcium loss in the urine can occur.
  4. Sugar contributes to tooth decay. It decreases the effectiveness of a particular type of white blood cell which “eats” bacteria.
  5. Sugar causes the body to release more adrenalin – this may explain hyperactivity in young children.
  6. Sugar can hinder weight loss because of high insulin levels causing the body to store excess carbohydrates as fat.
  7. An increase in irritability, mood swings and anxiety can be caused by sugar.
  8. White refined sugar is bleached with chlorine – which, when it comes in to contact with certain organic compounds, converts to dioxin, a lethal compound.
  9. Eating sugar can increase harmful choletrol (LDLs) by reducing helpful high-density cholesterols (HDLs).
  10. Sugar compromises the immune system because it reduces the efficiency of the white blood cells for a minimum of 5 hours!

A Sweeter Alternative!

Here at Cummings Chiropractic, we suggest an herb called stevia. It is a sweet and safer alternative to white refined sugar. It’s available in several forms, it has no calories, it’s sweeter than sugar and does not raise blood sugar levels. It’s clearly a better choice to satisfy any sweet tooth.

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