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Sitting and Spinal Health

Do you sit too much?

How many hours a day do you sit?

Do you work at an office in Calgary, where you sit at a computer for many hours in the day?    When you get home do you sit for dinner, then sit and watch TV?  Ever wonder what all the sitting is doing for your spinal health?

Most experts agree that lower back pain is related to prolonged sitting.  This isn’t surprising since it seems that the only time we aren’t sitting is when we are moving from one location to the next.

 Sitting is the new Smoking!!

Unfortunately we can’t really stop sitting altogether, however there are some changes we can make in our daily routine that will have a happy effect on our backs.

Why not consider………….

Stretch and move frequently throughout the day.

Stretch and move frequently throughout the day.


Taking interval breaks throughout the day

Changing your position as often as you can

Standing up and walking every 45 minutes, even just around your desk!!

Stretching throughout your work day





 As always make sure you visit your south Calgary Chiropractor on a regular basis to keep your spine moving well.




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