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Stretches To Improve Your Posture & Reap The Benefits

Stretches To Improve Your Posture & Reap The Benefits

The number of hours that people spend looking at the screen with their necks tilted forward is uncountable especially with the rate at which technology is changing lifestyle across the globe. Chances are that for most Canadians who own a laptop, tablet, desktop computer, or a cell phone, they will spend hours viewing these devices for different reasons. The tilted neck posture is not limited to the cell phone, tablet and laptop owners, it extends to the homes where Canadian families will spend more hours watching television, reading a book or even on the road driving. Medical experts have indicated that the state of having one’s head tilted forward has the potential of causing postural alterations, which leads to faulty patterns of movement that increases the stress that has been placed on the neck, the shoulders and the head.

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A condition labelled as upper cross syndrome is a muscle imbalance pattern situated at the shoulder and head region. This condition has been indicated as common in people who spend numerous hours working at a desk or sitting for a better part of the day and constantly display poor posture.  The commons symptoms and signs for the upper cross syndrome have been outlined to include a forward head posture, hunched upper back, rounding of the shoulders, having headaches and pain in the shoulders, neck and upper back.


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In case your work demands several hours sitting with a tilted neck or driving with your neck tilted forward for a number of hours, there is no cause of alarm because there are several appropriate stretches and exercises that can help you improve your muscular coordination and posture. These include a trapezius stretch, lavatory scapulae stretch, chest stretch, chin tucks, and shoulder blade squeeze among others. These stretches and exercises are easy to do and take few minutes that would not interfere with one’s work hours.

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