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It has been shown that the rapid advancement in technology witnessed in countries such as Canada has been blamed for the lack of exercise among most citizens and the increase in illnesses such as obesity and diabetes. However, a closer look at this claim indicates that it may not be entirely true after all. With the discovery of the new developments in digital fitness and apps that aim to ensure that outdoor activities and workouts are more fun and informative, the part that technology plays in encouraging exercises needs to be re-examined. Latest news in the area of health and fitness reveals a number of trends in the use of technology to encourage as well as enhance fitness and exercises. Some of the trends in technology that have been revealed as supporting fitness include increased online class reservations that have enabled members to attend the group fitness classes on time, taking part in online training services, and using mobile applications.

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For the individuals considered to be busy at the workplace, virtual coaching and training has become a staple to ensure that they remain fit. The increased usage of smart phones among a larger part of the population has seen a rise in the usage of the mobile app to handle their fitness training and exercises. Reports indicate that the fitness apps have witnesses a 62% increase in usage per day as opposed to the 33% increase of the overall app usage. The mobile app has been shown to be at the centre of the increased use of technology in encouraging fitness and exercises. Therefore, the next time the blanket statement of technology leading to increased obesity in the highly industrialized countries is mentioned, you should re-consider these sentiments.

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