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The Health of Your Whole Family

We’re a family wellness practice. That means we’re not just here to care for mom and dad, but for the kids too, even infants and young children.

It’s difficult to recognize when a child might be having spinal problem. Most children are so active that it’s hard to know for sure when a spill or tumble might be something more serious. This is what makes regular care with us even more important. Even if your child seems to be in great physical shape, regular visits with us will make sure that they continue to live well and develop as their bodies should.

Cummings Chiropractic Waiting Room

Keep your infants smiling all the way up to adulthood with regular care!

How We Can Help

Infants and children can be plagued with frustrating, tough health complications, such as:

  • Colic
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Digestive issues
  • Bedwetting
  • Ear infections
  • And much, much more

These are so many issues that chiropractic care can address, and I’d love to give you the chance at finally getting a good night’s sleep! Give me a call and we’ll discuss the many benefits of chiropractic!

Kids Can’t Wait to Come In!

I use only the gentlest care on our youngest patients – in fact, most babies sleep right through their adjustment. Our environment is geared towards making sure our young ones feel comfortable, from our pirate ship mural on the wall, to our life-sized cardboard cutout of Jack Sparrow, to the ‘treasure chest’ our pediatric patients are allowed to pick a treasure from on each visit with us.

We have fun with our young patients, and our great team makes sure they have fun coming in for their health check-ups. Call us to schedule your next appointment!

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