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Want a Better Life? Go Media-Free!

Consider how many hours that are wasted amusing ourselves watching television!

Consider how many hours that are wasted amusing ourselves watching television!

Try Media-Free For a Better Life!

Have you ever noticed changes in your children’s personalities? Changes such as increased irritability, impatience or even hostility? Maybe you’ve even seen them in yourself. Do you find that time appears to slip away from you and that the peace and contentment that you once cherished seems to have vanished?

Consider evaluating the amount of time you and your families are wasting with the output of our major media: TV, radio, tablets, smartphones and even printed materials. If a little voice in your head is telling you that those could be the guilty parties, try a new concept that’s gaining popularity: go media-free for a trial period of thirty or forty days.

How Does the Media Affect Your Health?

For years, you’ve probably heard about the negative effects of television. With each passing year, this is proven to be more true. It has become a well-known fact that watching TV can lead to poor dietary habits, inactivity (and all the resulting health effects, even an increased risk of juvenile diabetes!), and a host of behavior ills, even including a greater likelihood of teenage viewers experimenting with smoking!

Going without or even minimizing your use with these time-wasting, attention-sucking distractions will actually add hours to your day – opening up your life to the kinds of enrichments you’ve always wanted to enjoy but “just didn’t have the time for.”

Boredom May Lead to Creativity!

Kids will tell you when they are bored, but that boredom often passes quickly which usually results in creativity. Soon you’ll find your family playing games, taking hikes, engaging in conversation, enjoying the time spent together and so much more. One thing you won’t be doing – wasting time in front of the TV!

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