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Why do I feel so stiff?

Do you suffer from loss of joint mobility?  Does waking up and getting out of bed take a bit longer than it used to?   After a long drive, or sitting in front of the computer for a few hours, do you find it takes a bit longer to recover?  Your knees and hips may feel stiff.  Perhaps the joints in your elbows and shoulders are not moving as well as they should.  What about your spine?  How is it moving?

Is the old adage “use it or lose it” true when it comes to our joint function?  It is indeed, especially as we age and we start to feel the effects of the insults and injuries our spine has endured.  Chiropractic care at our South Calgary Clinic becomes especially helpful at this point.

Chiropractic care for seniors

Help keep your joints moving with Chiropractic care

There are many benefits to having a regular schedule of chiropractic care for seniors.  Certainly a main benefit is to keep the spinal joints functioning as optimally as possible.  What are some other benefits?


Most if not all seniors worry about falling.  It can be a scary situation and can often be very serious.  Choosing to get adjusted on a regular basis may help you to maintain better balance.


Adjustments affect the nervous system.  When it is working well many patients at our South Calgary Chiropractic clinic report better sleep, more energy and an overall feeling of wellness, when they maintain a regular routine of getting adjusted.

When was your last adjustment?

Give us a call .  We would love to help you be the best you can be.

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