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About Cummings Chiropractic Family Wellness

Woman holding paperdollsWe’ve been providing chiropractic care to South Calgary and surrounding areas since 2003. I chose to be a Chiropractor in South Calgary because I was born and raised in Alberta and wanted to be close to the home and community I love.

I’m here for you as a trusted confident and a family friend. I want to share my strong family values and a passion for preventative health with you. And, I’d like to help you heal thoroughly you so can live your best life.

Our goal? I want to help you improve your health and discover true wellness. To do so, we serve you with a commitment to excellence in all that we do. We’ll exceed your expectations think you’ll enjoy our convenient, caring and cost-effective healthcare.

Remembering the “Care” in “Health Care”

In 2003 Dr. Cummings entered practice not really knowing what to expect. “In healthcare, being kind and friendly to patients is often frowned upon. I wanted to change that and I did.” He chose to guide his practice with a basic principle of always remembering the “care” in “health care.”

Education. “I sincerely care about you and will always try to share with you what I would like to know if I was in your shoes. As a result, health education is a large part of my practice. I enjoy sharing information with you about health so you can better understand how your body works and what to expect with treatment.”

Family Care. “With a focus on families I enjoy treating parents and children alike and children respond especially well to my practice approach.”

Wellness. “The most fulfilling aspect of practice has been having the ability to heal injuries and ailments and profoundly improve you and your families quality of life. I’ll work hard with you to ensure that you have the ability to return to the activities you love and improved your overall wellbeing.”

Encouraging an Active Life

Are you looking for a life of wellness? I invite wellness patients to become active participants in a healthy, family-focused lifestyle. How?

I welcome you to join our family in outdoor weekend activities at Ghost Lake. On weekends I’m with my family at a lake cottage without television or phones. And, you’re invited to bring your family and join the fun!

In summer we boat, water ski and fish. In winter we play pond hockey, snowshoe and cross country ski. It’s about connecting with nature and connecting with family. To us, that’s true wellness.

Want to share that passion and build family memories? Come spend quality time with us at the lake. My family and I will happily share our passion for life and wellness with you and we’d love to have your family join us.

Relief Care or Wellness Care? It’s up to you!

We love meeting more and more people committed to maintaining their health, seek our care to maintain great wellness. So, whatever stage of life and health we meet you in, our commitment to you is to provide you with relief care (to heal) and wellness care (to thrive).

The first part of your care is focused on relief and healing so you can discover wellness. We’ll:

  • identify the underlying cause of your pain and discomfort
  • suggest options for care to achieve the fastest relief and healing possible
  • encourage you to actively participate in your recovery
  • explain the value of preventative care so you live the best life

We all want to stay healthy so it’s our job to show to you how spinal check-ups contribute to that. If you have chronic tension, old injuries, and high stress or have become totally immersed in work, we can help.

Our approach to life and wellness will help revitalize you and give you your zest for life back.

If you’re looking for a caring doctor and staff who are friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about their patients, family and life, you’re in the right place. Let us help you on your journey to health and wellness. Give us a call today! (403) 243-8118


About Cummings Chiropractic Family Wellness | (403) 243-8118