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Cummings Chiropractic Family Wellness Reviews

What Our South Calgary Patients Say

Heart hands around the sunAt Cummings Chiropractic Family Wellness we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Will Most Certainly Return

Doctors Grant and Amy were both personable and professional. Their treatment techniques significantly improved a long term problem I was suffering from, and if it re-develops, I will most certainly return for follow up treatment.

Kevin D.

Would highly Recommend

After two visits Dr. Cummings suspected a spinal condition and after an MRI he was able to explain the findings (much clearer than my Family Physician did). Would highly recommend Dr. Cummings.

Carrie K.

Relief From the Pain

I was provided with an excellent initial assessment of my source of pain. This resulted in focused treatment and relief from the pain within two short spaced appointments.

Gordon P.

Dr Cummings you are the man!

Just by how you were willing to listen to all the concerns I had and how you used them as basis to find the cause, I already felt something different from you. All the other chiropractors I’ve tried were more focused on their own examinations and my concerns didn’t seem to play a role. You are good at your job, and more importantly, I can tell you are more focused on patients’ health, and that you’re not in for the money. I would love to recommend you to anybody around me who needs help!

Brian L.

Very Pleasant

Dr was very very pleasant to deal with and was relieved after first treatment. I feel confident that he will have me fixed up soon…..very very pleasant office and staff.

Marilyn S.

Dr. Grant Really Listens

Dr. Grant was the first person I’ve seen that was very thorough. Most of the others just start treating you. He rally listens. Gives you some choices and then starts treating you.

Todd S.

Would Definitely Recommend

Super friendly staff, Dr Cummings was very thorough with explaining my treatment options. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Lisa T.

Easy to Talk to!

Love that my appointments have been exactly on time and easy to schedule. Dr. Cummings is easy to talk to, has excellent listening skills and ensures that I understand everything he tells me. Will continue to be a customer as long as I am in Calgary and definitely will recommend!

Miranda A.

After Just ONE Appointment

I found your practice on “Rate your MD”. Dr Cummings is rated number one and I wanted the best after months and months of upper back pain. I certainly received the best care. After just ONE appointment with him my pain has diminished by over 50%!! Truly excited for my next appointment.

Alicia W.

I Love It Here!

I love it here! I was feeling better after my first appointment and it’s gotten better and better since then! I was always scared to go to a chiropractor, but my aunt suggested Dr. Grant Cummings and he made me feel so comfortable and at ease with the whole process. I actually look forward to seeing him now because I know there will be relief! He gave me hope that things would get better and then delivered. I couldn’t be happier.

Tamara B.

Excellent, Professional Service

Dr. Grant it was always a pleasure to keep your appointments!! You not only made me feel better physically after a treatment, but also mentally. Our conversations were also well worthwhile. Our conversations indicated, to me, that you were interested in the person not just the area of the person that required you services. In my case, you were interested in my war service and the strains the war put on me and others. You were interested in my numerous and varied business experiences. Being a sports person yourself you wanted to know what, if any, sports had I taken part in, and whether or not I went as a spectator or listened to the radio or watched it on television.

I touched briefly on your treatments, which of course, was why I went to see you. However, my treatments were always handled professionally and with concern. Dr. Grant always warned me when it was going to hurt and never tried to rush me through because someone was waiting.

Wilf B.

WOW…I’ll Be Back!

Friendly staff – courteous and quick. Dr. Grant was great. Answered my email for help from his home! Called and booked me right after I sent the email, for the next day. Wow….. I’ll be back.

Carrie Y.

Really Listened!

I really enjoyed meeting with the doctor today, and he really listened to what I was explaining about my injury and the treatment I have gone through to date and I am hopeful that the treatment we are starting will get me back to work and enjoying my hobbies once again.

Nancy R.

Happy To Become A Patient!

Great first visit. Grant was very welcoming and more than happy to help. He’s very knowledgeable in his field and offers an objective opinion. Fielded all questions appropriately with ease and left me feeling I was in good hands. Happy to become a patient and see improvements to my health.

Jonathan H.


Within only a few visits, I found that Dr. Cummings is a very dedicated chiropractor. He is attentive and always willing to do the extra bit to make one feel better and pain free. I would highly recommend to anyone who is suffering from any type of discomfort to visit Action Chiropractic for an assessment.

Filomena R.

Put At Ease!

Dr. Grant is a caring professional who put my daughters concerns at ease and did a fantastic job of explaining to her, in a way she could understand, what her injury was and how she could prevent future injury. Thank you Dr. Grant!

Nakayla L.

Incredibly Helpful and Accommodating!

I had a sore back and neck and was looking for someone that could take me in and help as soon as possible. Dr. Cummings and his staff were incredibly helpful and accommodating getting me in within a few hours and alleviating my pain almost immediately. Dr. Cummings was very forthright with where the problem was and how to deal with it. He gave recommendations on exercises after I left to ensure a speedy recovery. I would highly recommend Cummings Chiropractic!

Tom J.

Heart of Understanding!

Dr. Cummings has a heart filled with understanding, compassion, empathy etc. Not many people in this world today are blessed this way, thank you for being you.

Ilonka L.

Excellent Chiropractor!

Dr. Grant Cummings was excellent, he informed me why the pain was happening and let me know what it was due to as well as informing me how long I would have the pain and when I would be back to full strength. The receptionist was terrific! First day I had the pain, called in and she squeezed me in right away! Would recommend them and will do to everyone I know.

Chase T.

Free from Back Pain

I was in a lot of pain while trying to find an emergency/24 hour chiropractor which was a lot harder than I expected it to be. I got a call back early in the morning and was booked in right away, which was awesome. Great service and it shows you truly care for your patients. My whole day was improved along with my back immediately after getting in touch with you. Thank you!

Melissa D.

Migraine Free With Chiropractic

I fell off a ladder on Dec 23, 2005 and had a major concussion. When I went to Emergency on the day of my injury at the hospital I was diagnosed with having jaw strain and concussion, and at another wcb assessment the same. I came to Dr. Cummings in summer of 2007 and his treatments stopped my massive headaches. I’m writing to say that I have been migraine free since his treatments. I am very thankful for what he did for me. Thank you Dr. Cummings I will never forget what you did for me!

Ian P.

South Calgary Chiropractor : Skilled & Knowledgeable

I would trust Dr. Grant with the most important people in my life and feel proud and honored to know such a skilled and knowledgeable chiropractor who goes the extra mile to ensure that his patients are receiving exceptional care.

Kari A.

Eliminate Your Pain With Chiropractic

I was hesitant to see a chiropractor. Dr. Grant put me at ease. He is highly skilled and the techniques he used were very effective in eliminating my pain. I won’t hesitate to recommend him to my friends.

Martin B.

Relief For Back Pain

My first visit to Dr. Grant was the only time a treatment has relieved my back pain in a single visit. I continue to visit Dr. Grant and continue to recommend him to others. Thanks Dr. Grant!

Stephen S.

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