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Auto Injury Treatment at
Cummings Chiropractic Family Wellness

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Whiplash Injuries in South Calgary

Man with sore neck from auto accidentExperiencing neck pain after a car accident? It’s likely you’ve sustained whiplash. Whiplash is a type of sprain/strain injury that’s caused by an abrupt jerking motion of the head, either forward or backward.

Whiplash also can occur from falling, sporting activity such as football or workplace injuries. In those cases, however, the injury usually isn’t defined as whiplash. That’s because the person isn’t experiencing the same “whipping” action of the neck that occurs during an auto accident.

Dr. Grant Cummings is highly proficient in addressing whiplash. He wants to help you not only get out of pain as quickly as possible but on the path to recovery.

Common Whiplash Symptoms

If you’ve been in an auto accident it’s important to recognize some common whiplash symptoms, so you can get the prompt care you need to heal. These symptoms include

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Numbness in the arm or hand
  • Shoulder pain

Perhaps you’ve been involved in a low-speed fender bender. You may think you’re okay because you weren’t going fast. It’s important to note that even minor accidents at very low speeds can cause back and neck problems. Studies have shown that speeds as low as 4km/hour have been shown to cause whiplash! Symptoms sometimes don’t appear for weeks after the accident.

At Cummings Chiropractic Family Wellness, we provide patients with an in-depth rehabilitation process. At the cornerstone of our approach is chiropractic care. Dr. Cummings uses gentle techniques to get the spine moving normally again combined with therapies that help damaged muscles recover.

We also feature physical therapy, massage therapy, ultrasound and muscle stim. If you experienced a disc injury, we can provide traction or decompression, which is highly effective.

In addition to in-office care, we have a computer program that we will assign various exercise protocols to meet your unique needs. We will give you recovery exercises and stretches that you can perform at home. You will be given a digital link and log in so you can follow through with the exercises. Videos are included in all of them as well as instructions so you can see exactly how to perform each exercise. By taking an active role in your rehab, you will be able to recover faster.

We also will monitor your progress in the office. As you improve, we will modify the program we’re giving you at home.

Dr. Cummings looks forward to helping you heal properly so you can return to the activities in life you love.

In Alberta, you are entitled to a care plan to recover from your injuries provided you are assessed by a qualified health practitioner within 10 days of the accident. This is true even if you were at fault for the accident. Dr. Cummings is authorized to provide the assessment required and address your injuries. Rest assured that receiving care will not cause your premiums to increase.

For your convenience, we will bill your insurance company directly for your care. This means no cash will come out of your pocket. We want to help get you out of pain without you worrying about the cost of your care.

Do You Have Questions About Your Injury?

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident contact our office with any questions you have or to schedule the assessment and receive the care you are entitled to.

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